MONEY: Immigrant vs. Native Born family budgets

Save as much as you can because prices at grocery stores rose 6-10% and most likely will not go down this winter. And, no, immigrants do not save more than native born families.

Spending patterns of an immigrant family are different from those of a native born family, however, both categories can do a better job at saving for days like these.

  • Immigrants spend 14-15% of family budget on grocery items compare to 10% for native born families.
  • Covid-19 caused an increase of 6-10% on grocery and the trend will continue this winter as well.
  • Hold on to your incentive to save because we most likely will not go back to our normal before Fall 2021.
  • Don’t treat credit cards as free money. Be frugal.

A conversation with Dr. Christopher Decker, a Lucas Diamond Professor of Economics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and author of a study on the economic impact of immigrants in Nebraska and Iowa.

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October 7, 2020

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