From camera shyness to wearing masks: the challenges of teaching and learning English as a Second Language in a pandemic

ESL instruction prior and during COVID-19 in Nebraska.

Despite challenges, over 23,000 English Learners in Nebraska public schools are currently receiving ESL instruction. Although no one knows yet the impact of COVID-19 on a student’s growth, problems range from lack of internet access to camera shyness, wearing masks or having a quiet place. But parents can help.

  • How is ESL taught in Nebraska?
  • What is ELPA21 Screener?
  • How did Covid-19 change the way ESL is taught?
  • How can parents assist and help their ESL student?

These and more in this installment of “America with an Accent” with Allyson Olson, Title III Director/ELPA21 Coordinator and Anne Hubbell, English Learner Specialist, both with the Nebraska Department of Education.

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September 22, 2020

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