U.S. Immigrants and a Midwestern Congressman

Conversation with Republican Congressman Don Bacon, representative of Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district.

Immigration TODAY: Asylum hearings should take no more than two weeks, not six months.
Southern border or the 11 million undocumented immigrants?

A conversation with Republican Congressman Don Bacon of Nebraska, who calls it a failure of the Republican party not to reach out to immigrant citizens and does not exclude running for president, if the door opens.

Congressman Bacon supports a targeted wall along the southern border and thinks that asylum reform should be at the core of the immigration reform.

“We have a crisis,” says Bacon after a visit to the border, and suggests – a revision of asylum rules, more immigration judges so the hearings do not take more than two weeks, and additional resources for the security forces at the border.

Rep. Bacon says that the Republican party needs to do better in reaching out to immigrant citizens, who generally share the same republican values.

Will Congressman Bacon run for president?

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October 23, 2019

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