U.S. citizenship test with a touch of politics and British music

The take of an immigrant on the discussion about the civics test otherwise known as U.S. citizenship test.

Starting April 19, all applicants for the citizenship of the United States of America will take the citizenship test revised in 2008, as oppose to that approved by President Trump’s administration in December 2020.

If you have been studying for the 2020 test version, do not to worry because the USCIS is giving a choice. All applicants whose interview falls before April 19, may choose to answer either the 2008 or 2020 version.

The USCIS decision on the civics test published on February 22, 2021 caused much discussion. But what is an immigrant’s take on that decision? Here is Enkela Vehbiu with Letters to Andy about the citizenship test. British music found its way in the discussion too.

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April 3, 2021

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