American Expatriates in Albania: Hello From the Other Side

Why do Americans emigrate? Not enough retirement money is one of the reasons.

No one can tell for sure the number of American expatriates. The United States does not keep track of its citizens who choose to emigrate. The Department of State estimates that between 3 and 9 million Americans live somewhere in the world, the United Nations places that number at a little over 3 million.

We met with two American expatriates who, at the time of the interview in November 2021, called Durrës, Albania home. Vyckie Garrison of Norfolk, Nebraska and Sam Lopez of Seattle, Washington share their experience.

  • Why did they leave the United States?
  • Why did they choose Albania?
  • What is the cost of living in Albania?
  • How is the health service?
  • Do you need a car in Albania or Europe?

Watch this episode of America with an Accent, hosted by Enkela Vehbiu and produced in the diMTV studio of the University “Aleksandër Moisiu,” Durrës, Albania.

You can watch America with an Accent, every Monday, at 6pm, on KPAO-TV (Channel Cox22/1-22) in Omaha, Nebraska, or worldwide on this website or NAM YouTube channel.

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January 16, 2022

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