The Journey of Spices | How immigrants’ recipes add flavor to America

Spice and Recipe: The Origins of Flavor with Mike DiGiacomo is an ethinc cooking show and the newest production of New Americans Media.

Spices and recipes of the world are only one click away.

The New Americans Media launches “Spice and Recipe: The Origins of Flavor,” an ethnic cooking show that mounts on the idea that spice and family recipes travel with immigrants and just like immigrants. “That’s what makes the United States so great … There are spices and ingredients and different flavors from every country that brings it all together and you have this melting pot of food, ingredients and flavor,” says Mike DiGiacomo, the host of the show.

DiGiacomo, a Midwestern and a second generation Italian-American, is a familiar face and name in the Omaha, Nebraska area. A reporter by training, he most recently hosted a morning show which included a cooking segment. DiGiacomo found himself at home, and now is expanding his skills to discover the origins of flavor by inviting immigrants to showcase recipes from their countries of origin.

And not only that. The show will also highlight the immigrants’ journey to the United States, offering yet another window on the challenges of starting life all over again.

“Spice & Recipe: The Origins of Flavor” is produced in the studio of KPAO-TV, a public access television serving the Omaha area.

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March 14, 2021

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